Are healthcare workers exposed to chemical?


Healthcare workers deal with a lot of strong chemicals in their day to day work and the impact is often overlooked.


Various studies demonstrated that over a period of time, healthcare workers do get these chemicals in their own systems.


To minimize the health risks healthcare organizations need to manage chemicals aggressively. This means a strong chemical approval system to begin with. For each chemical information related to health hazard, intended use, PPE, toxicity, exposure limits should be readily available in a easy to understand format.


Manufacturers usually provide such information in the SDS files for the chemical products with varying degree of details. But such information is buried inside thousands of SDS files, rendering them useless.


A traditional SDS Management System which is a glorified file management system falls short on meeting the needs of the industry.


It’s time for a new system to address the gap.


Colabit from CloudSDS can addresses the real need of the industry, which is beyond the capability of traditional SDS Management Systems.