What is chemical safety?
Chemicals safety and data management plans are shared and approved regulations that outline the hazards of chemical handling and how to handle those chemicals safely in plants and industries. These rules and regulations are equally applicable wherever people deal with chemicals such as, hospitals, laboratories, factories, while transportation and storage areas.

What is necessary to deal with chemicals?
Safety of employees, chemists and plant engineers, store keepers and transporters is very important while they come in contact with chemicals. Every one of them is always on high life risk and in case of emergency risk also increases. In order to handle routine tasks and emergency cases related with chemical substances all of above people should be highly trained according to protocol of every chemical.
Trainer after training needs to make sure that workers properly understand the plan and how does it work in situations of chemical exposures. Training once a year is not enough but it should be a constant process and it should cover hazards and their solutions from all aspects.

What is MSDS?
MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. A material safety data sheet is a document that provides comprehensive information about nature and composition of chemical, physical and chemical properties and its environmental hazards.

What is purpose of MSDS?
Material safety data sheet is so important and its main purpose is providing information regarding several aspects of substances which covers following dimensions;

  • Hazardous ingredients
  • Preparation information
  • Product information
  • Physical data
  • Reactivity data
  • Toxicology properties
  • Preventative measures
  • First aid measures



Where to place?
MSDS should be placed at a place where it is easily accessible to everyone at plant and also to doctors and nurses; however, this information should remain confidential for other people.

What is advantage of MSDS log?

Data that is maintained in MSDS Enables Company to assemble data after collecting them from various sources and consolidating them into reports and graph can help in reviewing the system and accidents occurred round the year or in a specific period of time. Industry will be able to understand the current working and how they can boost the overall efficiency of operations. They can analyze their data collectively in real time and can make quick decision for the organizational well-being.