Several states in the U.S. supplement national regulation of toxic chemicals. Maine, Oregon, Vermont and Washington have a requirement for chemicals on their hazard priority list to be reported if they are present in consumer products intended for children. This places a duty on the manufacturer or importer to alert consumers that the product they are purchasing contains more than some threshold amount of a listed chemical.


Current Minnesota law identifies Chemicals of High Concern, which may be upgraded to its Priority Chemical list if the substances meet certain criteria. In February, 2017, the Minnesota legislature introduced bills in the state House and Senate to amend its ‘Toxic Free Kids Act’ to include a reporting requirement similar to that of the other states. If the legislation passes, the reporting deadline for current Priority Chemicals will be no later than July 2021, depending on the size of the company selling the product. For Priority Chemicals designated in the future the reporting requirement takes effect one year after the chemical is listed.


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