Employers have a legal duty to inform their employees of their rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. OSHA’s Job Safety and Health Law poster is a useful tool to help employers comply with the regulations.

All employers have to display the approved poster in a conspicuous position where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed and workers can easily see it. Otherwise they should provide each worker with a copy of the poster that outlines US health and safety law. They must, also, insure that these posters are not altered, defaced, or covered by other material.



What does the health and safety law poster look like?

This is how the health and safety law poster looks like:


You should note that OSHA requires reproductions or facsimiles of the poster to be at least 8.5″ x 14″ inches with 10 point type.



How can I obtain a copy?

These are the three ways you can obtain a copy of the OSHA poster:

  • Order a print copy online from the OSHA Publications Web page. The English version is publication number 3165. The Spanish version is publication number 3167.
  • Order a print copy by phone. Call OSHA’s toll-free number at 1-800-321-6742 FREE (OSHA) or the OSHA Publications Office at 202-693-1888.
  • Download a free copy from the OSHA Web site.


You can, also, find the poster in different languages and formats. It is available in KoreanNepaliSpanishPolish and Portuguese. It should be mentioned that you can have access to the Polish and Portuguese versions only online.



Even though employers are not obliged under the OSHA regulations to display the OSHA poster in a foreign language, they are encouraged by OSHA to display the Spanish version of the poster as well, if they occupy Spanish-speaking workers. Employees, from their part, have to comply with the provisions of the law poster.