Environmental pollution is a bog problem in big cities all over the world. As such many companies have started recycling the wastes to reduce environmental pollution and for ensuring better health of human beings. They produce gas by decomposing the waste material and use it as renewable energy.


Some companies have started cardboard collection for recycling it. There is a machine that collects cardboards and organize the cardboards into separate lumps. Thus the cardboard collection process is done easily by using the machine and the cardboards are converted into some other form of energy for re-use. Scrap paper is also suitable for recycling and it can be used for producing renewable energy too.


Not only companies but we also can recycle things at our home in small scales. There are many advantages that we get by recycling wastes. Some of them are given below.


  1. The atmosphere becomes neat and clean.
  2. The place looks better.
  3. Mosquitoes and similar insects become less.
  4. Diseases become less as contamination of food, air and water becomes less.
  5. We get a safe, healthy and better environment & world to live in!


Companies will get more name & customers through the use of scientific methods for recycling wastes. The cost of the products becomes less as the manufacturing costs become less and thus both companies and consumers get benefited by the implementation of recycling methods. Recycle for having a safer and healthier tomorrow.