Our Innovative, multi-lingual, cloud based chemical information and SDS management system is powered by advanced algorithms, and yet has minimalist design principles that help clients take control of complex workflows with ease. Let it help you map your entire organization and its facilities across the globe with advanced access control for better managing the workplace. Allow users to add chemicals to each location, and track them to their storage locations across all of the facilities within the organization globally. Chemicals are linked to the SDS, with regulatory cross-reference information and inventory information, providing the users better control to meet their compliance needs and build safer workplaces. Advanced reporting capabilities empower your audit needs. The system provides users a single click hazardous profile of any facility or location. Multi-cultural workforces can take advantage of the ability to search in each location’s native language, providing information that is vital for safety during emergencies. Advanced container labels give you access to SDS without having to login to a system. The system is truly innovative and comes in handy when time is of the essence.


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