• Identification Details:

 It shares data such as product identifiers, and manufacturer or supplier details along with their address. 


  • Hazards Identification

This document also shared details on hazard classification, signal words, and hazard and precautionary statements.


  • Composition or Ingredients: An SDS shares details on chemical ingredients, including hazardous components and some other relevant information.


  • First Aid Measures:  Users can also find some useful first-aid measures that allow them to handle emergencies. 


  • Fire-Fighting Measures: Employees of a facility have suitable extinguishing techniques, and understand all the hazards from combustion products.


  • Accidental Release Measures: It shares helpful emergency procedures, containment methods, and cleanup procedures for the employees.


  • Handling and Storage: Users can also find precautions for safe handling and storage, including the incompatibilities of the chemicals, the ideal storage conditions, and packaging materials.


  • Exposure Controls or Personal Protection: An employee can also find details on appropriate engineering controls, personal protective equipment (PPE), and exposure limits.


  • Physical and Chemical Properties: Knowing the physical state, appearance, odor, pH, melting point, boiling point, flashpoint, vapor pressure, etc. is possible from this document. 


  • Stability and Reactivity: Chemical stability, and the possibility of hazardous reactions are also crucial for users to know to stay safe.


  • Toxicological Information: It shares all the possible routes of exposure, acute or chronic effects, symptoms of exposure, and toxicity data.


  • Ecological Information: The users can also find ideas about the product’s capacity to damage the environment. 


  • Disposal Considerations: It shares some appropriate disposal methods for hazardous products also along with disposal considerations, and waste treatment methods.


  • Transport Information: All the transport precautions are vital and users can find information in detail.


  • Regulatory Information: Employees will also know all the safety, health, and environmental regulations by going through this document.