Integrated EHS Compliance Solutions


SDS Management

Helps improve workplace safety through streamlined chemical data management and provides real time status of chemical hazards. Easy and fastest way to achieve compliance.

Inventory Management

Manages hazardous chemical inventory,chemical hazards and toxic substances in work places. Helps improve work place safety, stay compliant with authorities and improve worker well being.

Incident Management

Helps cataloging incidents, helps indentify, analyse and correct hazards to prevent future re-occurrence. Provides insight that helps fast restore normal functions in the event of an incident.

Document Management

Secured solution to automate workflows. Organize, collaborate, and track different versions. Security and access control with extensive audit trails. Helps fast track complex approval processes.

Hosting & Distribution

Advanced platform to host and distribute SDS, helping downstream users in compliance and safe handling of products. Provides user insight and promotes products.

Training Management

SCROM based secure online role based training environment based on vital inputs from audit finding, incident history and chemical inventory information. Remain compliant with authorities.


Remarkable service, support and training.

We at CloudSDS help you get started and keep getting better. We have simplified onboarding through automated data imports and end to end support. We provide one-on-one remote training whenever the need arises. We provide online video training material, helping users when they face any difficulty. Our team works closely with clients over the years, and is always ready to help.

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