Transforming Government with CloudSDS


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Government ministries on industrial relations, trade and custom affairs, drug and food control authorities, environment conservation, waste management and relevant policy making authorities require sound knowledge on safety data sheets of large number of chemical substances. CloudSDS is a sound solution for nationwide chemical safety management programs.

Use Case

There are industrial regulations and control programs related to emission limits, facility design requirements, waste control and occupational hygiene of factory employees which require analysis of chemical properties, hazard control procedures, exposure levels, spill containment and emergency response. Now all these data required for government officials are in one place, the CloudSDS. During international trade, custom officials and relevant risk assessors can follow CloudSDS for assessing the content and storage requirements of chemicals in trade. CloudSDS is a good source of data for regulatory authorities on drug and food item manufacturing for analysis before granting regulatory approval for chemicals. Environment conservation, water supply and water treatment government authorities, who carry out chemical treatment, collect different industrial waste and set up environmental policies can be benefited from CloudSDS, the smart AI solution to understand and analyze technical parameters of several chemicals.

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