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CloudSDS is a technical knowledge solution provider on chemical safety for manufacturing industry which heavily involve with chemicals. Industries such as pharmaceutical, food, household cleaning agents, cement etc. involve large number of chemicals and hence CloudSDS is a mandatory chemical safety partner for them. There are chemicals in the form of raw materials, finished goods, cleaning agents, machine lubricants, laboratory reagents and office equipment ink etc. used in ech of these manufacturing facilities. Starting from risk assessments on employee exposure, environmental impact on discharge, fire risk and process safety risk, CloudSDS provides a complete solution providing withn all relevant technical data related to chemicals.

Use Case

Training assigned for first aid teams and awareness on incident management for floor employees require customized knowledge sharing based on specific chemicals in the area. CloudSDS is the place where all this up to date information is available on improving knowledge on chemical risk management. Warehouses with several chemicals stored in different quantities as well as outside fuel tankers, manufacturing areas where chemicals are processed in reactions and mixing and testing laboratories are having higher chemical safety risks. Personal protective equipment selection, placing exposure control systems and spill containment systems are carried out based on OEL, STEL and OHC limits from safety data sheets which are now available at your fingertips in CloudSDS. Availability of site wide access to CloudSDS fulfills the risk communication requirements related to chemical safety management in manufacturing industry as well. CloudSDS is a product which plays a vital role in order to ensure employee occupational health and maintain industry standards and accreditations.

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