Transforming Utilities with CloudSDS


industry utilities

Utilities including boilers, cooling systems, drinking water treatment units, waste water treatment units, compressors, gas supplies and generators etc. utilize numerous chemicals to maintain the facilities in running condition.

Use Case

During the new utility purchase and installation, data from safety data sheets such as ignition points and maximum possible exposure levels are required for user requirement preparation as well as system validation. Hence CloudSDS can contribute utility designers, manufacturers as well as users. There chemicals used to treat boiler blow down, enhance water quality, prevent microbial growth such as for legionella and conduct the utility maintenance. CloudSDS provides solutions for the professionals involved in utility maintenance on selection of appropriate chemicals for treatment and maintenance. Further this will help to decide the personal protective equipment to be used during these activities and precautions to be taken for spills in storage areas. Further this provides information on first aid measures if any ingestion, digestion or skin contact happens. CloudSDS is a good resource for risk assessors including health and safety teams to collect data required for assessing process safety and fire risks and preparing emergency response plans as well.

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