If you’re in a manufacturing business that deals with potentially dangerous chemicals, you’re probably aware of the numerous government regulations and restrictions you need to work with to bring your product to market. Unfortunately for consumers, however, potentially dangerous chemicals can still make it into the U.S. market. The supplement industry, for example, is one of those places that has been harder for the FDA to regulate and at least in one case, chemicals have been found to “hide in plain sight.” Methyl synephrine (also known as oxilofrine, p-hydroxy ephedrine, ox ephedrine, and 4-HMP) is nearly identical to ephedrine. While methyl synephrine can be effective in treating low blood pressure, it can be especially dangerous for people who are overweight, have heart disease or high blood pressure. And yet it’s being marketed to these very people–in some cases at twice the recommended medical dosages–even it’s been banned in the U.S. and it’s often clearly labeled on the package. How?

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