Chemical substances are an essential part of processing and many other activities workers are involved at their workplace in routine life. Several new chemicals are introduced in market every year as per need.

Negative Aspect
One most negative aspect of dealing with chemicals is they are dangerous towards health and one should be so careful while handling these chemicals. Any form regardless of shape solid, liquid or semisolid can be harmful.

Who is High Risk?
Anyone on site who is involved in direct dealing with such materials is on high risk rate.

It does not mean that everyone can be a victim of chemical exposed but risk factor becomes high when workers do not handle with proper care or according to given directions.

When to Stay Careful?
Workers should be highly careful especially in these times;

  • While handling chemicals
  • At the time of their production
  • When they are storing chemicals
  • At the time of transportation
  • While disposing and wasting
  • Any treatment with chemicals
  • Maintenance and cleaning of containers which had chemicals in them
  • Any other activity involved interaction with chemicals

Company’s Part
A company trading in chemicals should know that the most important asset of their organization is their workers. They cannot go anywhere without them and for this it is important that they stay healthy and safe.

It is first hand duty of that institute to keep their workers secure and protected.

  • Company should provide those workers proper guidelines as;
  • Training sessions for safely dealing with chemicals
  • Make them aware about hazards of chemicals
  • Proper steps to follow when a spill occurs
  • Personal protective kit should be given
  • Maintain safety data sheets to deal each chemical in emergency
  • Make rules that chemicals should be properly labeled
  • No worker should exceed time limit in chemically explosive chambers

Apart from all above also train them to minimize environmental hazards and risk to keep your environment clean.

Workers themselves are also responsible for their own self-protection. They also should not neglect the rules because they are meant to safeguard them.

  • Avoid eating and drinking near work surface.
  • Worker must know complete first aid knowledge.
  • Always wear protective gloves, glasses and uniform.
  • Wash your hand with provided hand washing liquids.
  • Do not try to treat chemicals those you do not know.
  • Always keep a check on your respirators and alarms that they are in working condition.