Ensuring workplace safety and managing risks effectively requires regular audits and assessments. The growing demand for risk management software highlights its crucial role in this process. However, selecting the right software is challenging if you don’t understand your facility’s specific needs. Each software solution on the market offers unique features and addresses different problems. This blog will help you navigate these options and find your organization’s best risk management software.

Running a business is challenging, especially when ensuring worker safety. Workplace accidents are common, and the United States has witnessed many tragic incidents. In February 2008, a dust explosion at the Imperial Sugar refinery in Port Wentworth, Georgia, killed 13 people and injured over 30 others. In 2010, a gas explosion at an under-construction power plant in Connecticut killed six people and injured at least 12 more. These accidents occurred due to insufficient risk analysis and early hazard identification. 

Risk management software helps identify risks and issues at workplaces early and helps communicate hazards effectively. But which software is ideal for your facility’s unique requirements? Continue exploring the blog and get ready to find the most suitable and effective one.


List of 20 Best Risk Management Software:


Software Name 



 Availability of a Free Version

1. CloudSDS
  • Easy SDS Search
  • Access to hazard information
  • Access to emergency contacts
  • Creating and managing a banned chemicals list
  • CloudSDS Copilot 
Contact No: 1.877.974.4666 Yes
2. Resolver Inc.
  • Risk Registers
  • Easy software integration
  • Comprehensive Data Sharing
Contact No:  1 (877) 776-2995 No, a demo can be requested.
3. Riskonnect, Inc.
  • Dashboard
  • Risk analytics
  • Risk assessment
Contact No: 1 770 790 4700 No, a demo can be requested
4. StandardFusion
  • Integrated threat library
  • Flexible risk assessment
  • Advanced risk reporting
Contact No:  +1 604-755-3356 No, a demo can be requested
5. AuditBoard
  • Issue tracking
  • Key Risk indicators
  • Controls management
Contact No: 1 (877) 769-5444
6. LogicManager
  • Dashboard
  • Validation and alignment
  • Measuring corporate governance
Contact No: 1 617-530-1210 No, a demo can be requested. 
7. MetricStream
  • Centralized data model
  • Advanced risk assessment
  • Control design and assessment
Contact No: +1-650-620-2955 No, a demo can be requested.
8. OneTrust
  • Compliance automation
  • IT and security risk management
  • Incident Management
Contact no: +1 (844) 906-2323 No, a demo can be requested.
9. Navex. Global
  • Compliance management
  • Optimized reporting
  • Employee compliance
Contact No: 1-866-297-0224 No, a demo can be requested
10. Onspring Technologies
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Workflows
Contact No: +1 913-601-4900 No, a demo can be requested.
11. Diligent 
  • Customizable storyboard
  • Automated ERM program
  • A single view of risk
Contact No: +1-866-262-7326 No, a demo can be requested
  • Risk assessment
  • Auto identification of risks
  • Auditable snapshot
Contact No: +1 888-882-3223 A free trial is available
13. Bitsight
  • Enterprise security
  • Digital supply chain
  • Risk governance and reporting
Contact no: +1 617-245-0469 No, a demo can be requested
14. Hyperproof
  • Centrally manage risks
  • Audit management
  • Multi-factor authentication
Contact no: +1 833-497-7663 No, a demo can be requested
15. SAI360
  • Integrated Modules
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Top-notch technology
Contact No: +1-312-546-4500 No, a demo can be requested.
16. Essential
  • Risk registers
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk voting
  No, a demo can be requested.
17. LogicGate
  • Automating workflow
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Risk statement catalog
Contact no: 312-279-2775 No, a demo can be requested.
18. MitraTech
  • Real-Time Risk Assessments and Mitigation
  • Data Breaches and Unauthorized Access
  • Mapping Controls to Policies
19. MetricStream
  • Faster risk-aware decision assistance
  • Compliance management
  • Real-time risk intelligence
Contact no: +1-650-620-2955 No, a demo can be requested
20. Camms
  • Risk Governance
  • Dashboards
  • KRIs
No, a demo can be requested.



CloudSDS Logo


✅CloudSDS and its Features:

When it comes to identifying and assessing potential workplace risks due to hazardous chemicals, CloudSDS is the name to rely on as the right risk management software. In addition to storing SDSs securely, it provides access to a global library of over 19 million SDSs from different manufacturers, offering additional safety and hazard information. It has some interesting and helpful features that make it an ideal software to handle workplace risks effectively.

Here are some of the key features of CloudSDS. Check them out to understand their benefits.


1) Easy SDS Search:

To face challenges or emergencies due to harmful chemicals, easy access to safety data sheets(SDSs) is necessary. That’s why the free and easy SDS search feature is useful. It allows users to find required safety documents simply. The process of search is simple as it can be conducted with the help of a product name. 

Problems it Solves:

  • Allows searching the right document in seconds.
  • Helps find the downloadable documents. Users can access the documents when offline too.
  • Enables users to quickly locate safety documents during emergencies by narrowing down search results efficiently.

2) Access to Hazard Information:

CloudSDS has a feature that allows users access to the hazard information associated with any harmful chemical. Users won’t have to go through the relevant SDS entirely. Rather, they can quickly check all the hazard information by choosing a specific document. This allows knowing the required details in seconds.

Problems it Solve:

  • Helps tackle emergencies by sharing the hazards associated with a specific product.
  • It saves time as users won’t have to look for the hazard information by going through a 16-section SDS. 
  • Facilities can work on their preparations to handle emergencies.
  • It also helps with the safe storage and shipping of each hazardous product.

3) Access to Emergency Contacts:

 This software by CloudSDS has a feature that lets users get in touch with the first responders. It allows managing a list of emergency contacts which helps users understand the right contact person in emergencies. The contact list can be maintained and managed. Users can also add new contacts to the list to keep it updated.

Problems it Solve:

  • Give access to a list of first responders to handle emergencies such as chemical spills etc.
  • Editing the contact list is possible with new contact details. 
  • Users can also identify the right contact person for each specific location or facility from the list.

4) Creating and Managing a Banned Chemicals List:


CloudSDS also allows users to create a list of hazardous chemicals. This list is known as the banned chemicals list. It can be created, managed, and also kept updated. By viewing the list, users can identify all prohibited hazardous products. Facilities can also request to add chemicals to the list when a new threat is identified.

Problems it Solve

  • It helps all facilities store and handle chemicals carefully.
  • Users can know which are the products that they should not use. 

5) CloudSDS Copilot:

      This software allows users to quickly search for hazard and safety information using the CloudSDS Copilot. Users can ask questions regarding the information they are looking for in any specific SDS. They can get answers to the questions asked.

Problems it Solve:

  • Saves time and helps retrieve safety information in seconds.
  • Reduces the need to look for SDSs at the time of emergencies.

What are the benefits of Choosing CloudSDS as a Risk Management Software?

CloudSDS comes with some unique features that help facilities handle risks associated with chemical products. Therefore, facilities can handle chemical safety-related threats easily with this software. Here are some of the benefits that facilities can expect if using CloudSDS.


  • Helps identify Risk:

With this software, facilities can easily identify risk at an advanced stage. After all, its features help us know all the risks associated with every in-house product stored within the facility. Thus, proper safety measures can be taken to safeguard the workplace and all employees.


  • Emergency Preparedness:

This risk management software is a perfect companion when it comes to planning the right emergency measures. The users can learn the first aid tips and fire fighting techniques using this software. Thus it’s also a helpful tool for all the preparation required to handle emergencies. 


  • Helps Staying Compliant:

As per the rules and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA), facilities handling hazardous chemicals must allow all their workers easy access to the SDSs. Moreover, it makes the documents accessible 24/7 without facing any difficulties. Thus facilities can stay compliant by proving their commitment to workplace safety.   


  • Proper and Safe Storage and Handling of Chemicals:

Reviewing the safety information enables users to understand how to store and handle hazardous chemicals safely. The software provides alerts if a facility stores incompatible materials together. Additionally, by consulting the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), users can identify the ideal storage locations for the products.


  • Making Employees Aware:

Making all the employees aware of the chemicals and their harmful effects is possible when using CloudSDS. This platform is easily accessible from any corner and at any time. That’s why, authorized users can utilize its features to learn about all the products and their hazards. Thus employees stay aware of the hazards and understand how to handle such risks. 


Resolver Brand Guidelines | Resolver


✅Resolver Inc. and its Features:

For identifying all the risks within an organization, Resolver Inc. is a trusted name. This enterprise risk management software helps facilities manage workplace risks effectively. It automates workflows, offering features that benefit most organizations.

Below are some of the key features that make it an ideal risk management software. So, check them out.

1) Risk Registers:

Unify your organizational functions and oversee all sub-functions from a single risk intelligence platform for a thorough understanding of your risk environment. Moreover, all your teams such as compliance, internal audit, and internal control can effortlessly access and utilize consolidated risk data through one centralized, integrated enterprise risk management software solution.

Problems it Solve:

  • The platform ensures all departments have access to the same information, fostering collaboration and preventing miscommunication.
  • The integrated system automates workflows, making it easier to identify, assess, and mitigate risks efficiently across the organization.
  • Compliance, internal audit, and internal control teams can effortlessly access and analyze comprehensive risk data,

2) Easy Software Integration:

This feature eliminates the need for manual data transfers with seamless processes and software integrations that encourage adoption. Risk teams are already busy, so learning a new tool shouldn’t be a burden. The platform’s intuitive user interface and cloud-based platform allow your organization to get started quickly.

Problems it Solve:

  • Remove the need for manual copying of data between systems.
  • The intuitive user interface ensures that risk teams can quickly learn and use the new software without training.
  • It saves time and reduces errors.

3) Comprehensive Data Sharing:

It allows the sharing of data more understandably. Understanding your data is important, but sharing it in a way everyone can grasp is essential. Resolver’s Enterprise Risk Management software offers a wide range of dashboards, reports, and visualizations, all accessible with a single click. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Make complex data accessible to everyone in the organization.
  • One-click access to comprehensive data visualizations and reports significantly improves the efficiency of executive reporting.
  • Ensures that all stakeholders can quickly grasp critical information.


Riskonnect Logo


✅Riskonnect, Inc. and its Features:

The task of decision-making is crucial and with Riskonnect it’s simpler. This software is crucial for facilities to handle risk management processes more streamlined. Its amazing features allow organizations to make crucial and helpful data-driven decisions. Below we have highlighted some of its key features, so take a quick look.

1) Dashboard:

Easily communicate the status of risks and other key indicators with customizable KRIs (Key Risk Indicators) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The dashboard allows you to quickly and effectively share important information, ensuring everyone is informed and on the same page.

Problems it Solve:

  • The dashboard allows for quick and effective sharing of risk status and key indicators, ensuring everyone is well-informed.
  • Customizable KRIs and KPIs enable tailored tracking of specific risks and performance metrics.
  • It supports more informed and timely decision-making.

2) Risk Analytics:

It helps visualize complex data to quickly answer critical business-related queries. It makes it easy for all team members to get all the required information they need. It also allows customizing the dashboard as per the company’s requirements. 

Problems it Solves:

  • Facilitates visualization of complex data, enabling team members to quickly address critical business queries without needing deep technical expertise.
  • Provides easy access to comprehensive information, ensuring all team members can retrieve necessary data promptly.
  • It ensures that data visualization meets the organization’s unique operational and strategic needs.

3) Risk Assessment:

It helps gather essential business risk information swiftly and automatically using advanced tools. This enables informed decisions on resource allocation and process improvements.

Problems it Solve:

  • Automates the process of hazard data collection.
  • Enables quick access to up-to-date data.
  • Improves responsiveness to emerging threats by providing real-time information.




✅Audit Board and its Features:

To manage workplace risk effectively Audit Board offers AI-based solutions to bring more effectiveness. This risk management software can be easily integrated with other applications. Don’t just track—scale effortlessly with easy integration into various other tools. This one-stop solution is there a modern platform that can solve various issues. 

Here are some of the key features of this software that you must be aware of. So, check them out.

1) Issue tracking:

Easily see how issues affect each other, making it simpler to assign ownership and address problems. This seamless visibility helps streamline remediation efforts.

Problems it Solve:

  • Provides clear visibility into how issues impact one another, helping to understand the broader context and relationships between risks.
  • Makes it easier to assign responsibility for addressing specific issues.
  • Facilitates quicker and more effective remediation by highlighting the connections between problems and their potential solutions.


2) Key Risk Indicators:

Connect KRIs (Key Risk Indicators) to various risks and audit entities, allowing for quick responses to changing business conditions. This integration helps you stay agile and proactive in risk management.

Problems it Solve:

  •  It enables quick reactions to changing business conditions, ensuring timely interventions.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of risk indicators across the organization, 
  • Facilitates proactive decision-making by integrating KRIs

3) Controls Management:

Centralize the management, monitoring, and viewing of related controls in one place. This eliminates redundancies and enhances visibility across the organization.

Problems it Solve:

  • By centralizing controls, it removes duplicate efforts, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.
  • Provides a single, comprehensive view of all related controls, making it easier to monitor and manage them effectively.
  • Consolidates control management into one platform, reducing complexity and ensuring consistent oversight.


Logic Manager Logo

✅ Logic Manager and Its Features:

Logic Manager is a risk management software that allows advanced techniques and methods to handle risks. It helps conduct a risk maturity assessment that allows the organization to always stay one step ahead. Moreover, users also receive customized ERM benchmarking reports for proper analysis.

Here are some of the key features of this software that one must be aware of. So, take a look.

1) Dashboard:

It enables a comprehensive comparison of enterprise resources against standard risk criteria. This helps decision-makers prioritize resource allocation based on risk exposure, improving resource efficiency and strengthening the organization’s risk management.

Problems it Solves:

  • Allows for a thorough comparison of enterprise resources against standardized risk criteria.
  • Helps decision-makers allocate resources based on risk exposure.
  • Improves the organization’s overall risk posture by efficiently directing resources to areas with the highest risk. 

2) Validation and Alignment:

It helps auditors check if the program matches the board’s risk tolerance. They review aspects like risk identification, assessment, mitigation, monitoring, and escalation processes to ensure proper oversight and prevent negligence, waste, and fraud.

Problems it Solve:

  • It helps to avoid excessive risk-taking.
  • The verification of risk identification, assessment, and mitigation processes ensures that the organization maintains effective oversight,
  • It helps prevent fraud, waste, and inefficiencies, safeguarding the organization’s resources and reputation.

3) Measuring Corporate Governance:

This particular feature empowers organizations with clear insights on potential risks and opportunities using visual dashboards. Stakeholders can make informed decisions with a real-time understanding of the risk landscape, improving overall decision-making. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Helps stakeholders to understand complex information more easily.
  • Timely decision-making and proactive risk management are possible.
  • Facilitates better-informed decisions by presenting comprehensive risk data visually.



✅MetricStream and its Features:

MetricStream’s ERM software helps you manage organizational risks with a structured approach. It is built on the MetricStream Platform. Moreover, it uses consistent risk assessment methods to help you understand risk exposure at all levels of the organization.

Here are some of its key features that facilities must know. So take a look.

1) Centralized Data Model:

Using this feature facilities can easily identify and define business objectives, processes, products, risks, and controls. They can also establish and maintain relationships between these elements using a combined data model.

Problems it Solve:

  • It simplifies relationship management across all the elements.
  • Provides a centralized library to document and manage detailed risk information.
  • Centralizes risk data, allowing for better visibility and control over enterprise risks.

2) Advanced Risk Assessment:

This feature allows planning, scheduling, and performing risk assessments easily. It also helps manage simple assessments by rating risks. At the end of the assessments, users can route results for review and approval. This way, define plans to accept, avoid, or transfer risks.

Problems it Solve:

  • Simplifies the process of planning, scheduling, and performing risk assessments.
  • Enhances the accuracy of risk visibility through both simple and advanced assessments.
  • Facilitates the creation of clear risk treatment plans to accept, avoid, transfer, or optimize risks.

3) Control Design and Assessment:

It allows defining controls based on industry standards like COSO and COBIT. Users can also create and assess control test plans, and rate their effectiveness using questionnaires and surveys. It also helps track control evaluation status and analyze results with interactive dashboards.

Problems it Solve:

  • Provides consistency and reliability.
  • Simplifies the creation and assessment of control test plans,
  • Provides clear insights into control evaluation status and results through interactive dashboards.



OneTrust Products & Services Cybersecurity Review


✅ One Trust and its Features:

With One Trust, one of the leading risk management software, users can track their entire IT ecosystem. It allows the measuring of risks and helps make informed decisions. Thus it enhances security and compliance. Below are some of its key features that facilities must know.

1) Compliance Automation:

Efficiently manage and communicate the compliance status of facilities. This feature also helps InfoSec and IT Compliance teams automate regulatory guidance. Thus it strengthens program governance and stays audit-ready.

Problems it Solve:

  • Streamline business collaboration to simplify compliance workflows.
  • Ensuring clarity and alignment across teams.
  • Reinforce governance, and maintain audit readiness effectively.

2) IT and security risk management:

Make your IT risk management operational to lower risks throughout your IT setup and gain trust with stakeholders. Simplify data collection through system integrations and assessments. Categorize risks across IT assets, controls, and third parties. Generate real-time reports tailored to your program and business needs.

Problems it Solve:

  • It reduces risks across the IT ecosystem, enhancing overall security and reliability.
  • Builds trust with key stakeholders by demonstrating robust IT risk management practices and transparent reporting.
  • Streamlines data collection through integrations and assessments, categorizing and managing risk relationships across IT assets, controls, and third-party interactions.

3) Incident Management:

It helps centralize incident investigations and documentation to address risks promptly. It also helps improve programs and fosters a culture of trust and proactive risk management.

Problems it Solve:

  • Streamlines incident investigations and documentation, 
  • Facilitates continuous improvement of programs by analyzing incident data.
  • Promotes a culture of trust and proactive risk management by fostering transparency.



✅Navex. Global and its Features:

With NAVEX One, one of the leading risk management software, users can turn scattered information into a powerful resource. It’s crucial for decision-making in their risk and compliance program. It helps focus on achieving objectives rather than navigating compliance obstacles.

Below are some of its features that each facility must understand. So, take a look.

1) Compliance Management:

NAVEX One’s employee compliance solutions provide oversight and feedback on training, code of conduct, and policies. Besides, it allows trusted whistleblowing and incident management solutions that are compliant and collaborative. Moreover, it makes a facility Confident in adapting to global and regional regulatory requirements.

Problems it Solve:

  • It ensures adherence and alignment with regulatory standards.
  • It promotes compliance, clarity, and collaboration in reporting and resolution.
  • Builds confidence by enabling facilities to adapt swiftly to evolving global and regional regulatory requirements.

2) Optimized Reporting:

It helps decision-making by providing clear and actionable insights derived from comprehensive data analysis. This feature consolidates data from various sources and formats it into intuitive dashboards and reports, making complex information easily understandable. Users can customize reports to highlight key metrics, trends, and risk exposures relevant to their specific needs.

Problems it Solve:

  • Optimized reporting provides clear insights and key metrics.
  • By consolidating data into intuitive dashboards and reports, it enhances transparency across the organization. 

3) Employee Compliance:

Using this feature users can bridge all requirements to safeguard employees. Thus it helps grow each facility by staying compliant and building a safer work environment. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties and fosters a safer workplace environment.
  • Supports facility growth by maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Promotes a safer work environment by systematically addressing compliance requirements.


Automated Business Process Solutions | Onspring Technologies


✅Onspring Technologies and its Features:

Onspring Technologies is a risk management software that’s also customer-focused. This makes the process of risk management versatile, useful, and powerful. Here are some of the features that facilities must understand. Take a look to know more. 

1) Dashboard:

This dashboard allows customize which data elements (such as reports, status lists, key metrics, or task assignments) the users want to see. You can arrange how and where each element appears on the screen. Control who can view or edit these elements by setting specific access rights for individual users, ensuring information security and tailored usability.

Problems it Solve:

  • Allows users to tailor their interface by selecting and arranging essential data elements.
  • Provides a personalized experience by allowing customization of where and how data elements are displayed.
  • Enables administrators to set access rights, ensuring data confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations. 

2) Reporting:

It allows access to real-time integrated data instantly. Also, this helps eliminate wasted time on manual report compilation. Also, facilities can use comprehensive data intelligence for quicker and more informed decision-making. Moreover, it allows the automatic creation of stakeholder reports for individuals or groups.

Problems it Solve:

  • Enables timely decision-making and reduces delays caused by outdated information.
  • Eliminates time wasted on manual report compilation.
  • Enables facilities to leverage comprehensive data intelligence.

3) Workflow:

 Onspring’s dynamic workflows offer an all-in-one tool for managing processes. They allow you to route content for review, input, and approval, including both internal and external assessments.

Problems it Solve:

  • It reduces bottlenecks and speeds up completion times.
  • It helps maintain consistency and thoroughness in assessments.
  • This also eliminates the need for multiple systems and simplifies overall workflow management.


Download Diligent Logo PNG and Vector (PDF, SVG, Ai, EPS) Free

✅Diligent and its Features:

Diligent is a risk management software that allows optimizing performance, and boosts growth. It also helps monitor risks with ERM software that includes integrated analytics and adapts to your business needs. This software comes with various useful features. Below we have highlighted the most important ones. So, check them out.

1) Customizable Storyboard:

It helps gather risk data from your organization and share it with customizable storyboards. It also provides one-click reports. Moreover, it gives your leadership and board the real-time insights they need.

Problems it Solve:

  • Simplifies the process of collecting risk data from various parts of the organization.
  • It allows for easy customization of reports and storyboards.
  • Provides leadership and the board with real-time risk insights.

2) Automated ERM Program:

Use ACL’s advanced analytics to spot risk patterns and predict threats. Automate monitoring to find discrepancies and anomalies in your data without needing more staff.

Problems it Solve:

  • Uses advanced analytics to spot risk patterns and predict potential threats. 
  • Automates data monitoring to uncover discrepancies and anomalies.
  • Reduces the need for additional staff by automating risk monitoring.

3) A Single View of Risk:

It allows facilities to work together on one platform for better efficiency, scalability, and visibility. Moreover, it allows checking real-time views of your top risks, risk trends, and risk appetite.

Problems it Solve:

  • Enhances teamwork by providing a single platform for all teams, increasing efficiency and coordination.
  • Supports organizational growth by offering scalable solutions that can adapt to increasing demands and complexities.
  • Offers real-time insights into top risks, trends, and risk appetite, enabling timely and informed decision-making.


UpGuard Ranks #1 in G2 Winter 2024 Reports for Third Party and Supplier Risk Management | UpGuard

✅UpGUARD and its Features:

UpGUARD is a risk management software that helps simplify the vendor security assessment process. It also helps to gain a clear and thorough understanding of each vendor’s security practices and vulnerabilities. This streamlined approach ensures robust vendor risk management and helps mitigate potential security risks more efficiently.

Below are some of its key features that facilities must know.

1) Risk Assessment:

This helps tailor risk assessments to fit each vendor’s specific risk to the facility. Start with security ratings for initial assessments or use industry-standard questionnaires for deeper dives. Easily include SOC-2 audit reports for additional security evidence.

Problems it Solve:

  • Allows organizations to tailor risk assessments to match each vendor’s unique risk exposure.
  • Provides flexibility by offering security ratings for quick assessments.
  • Ensuring thorough vendor risk management.

2) Auto Identification of Risks:

Automatically identify risks based on evidence and summarize them by severity for your review. Users can easily request critical vendor risk remediation and defer non-critical risks for future assessment through a simple workflow.

Problems it Solve:

  • Streamlines the process of identifying risks automatically based on available evidence.
  • Summarizes risks by severity, allowing for easier prioritization and focused attention on critical issues that require immediate action.
  • It enhances overall efficiency and risk mitigation efforts.

3) Auditable Snapshot:

This allows companies to capture risk insights and red flags in the third-party vendor’s security report. This allows for saving risk assessments as auditable documents. It also allows exporting them as PDFs. To complete the process companies can complete a reassessment date. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Enables companies to capture and document risk insights and red flags in third-party vendor security reports.
  • Facilitates the creation of auditable risk assessment documents.
  • It makes it easier to share findings with stakeholders and regulatory bodies as needed.


BitSight Technologies news | Security news

✅Bitsight and its Features:

Bitsight is a risk management software that allows identify risks, prioritize investments, and communicate effectively. This helps facilities protect your digital ecosystem. The platform covers all types of risks—first, third, and fourth party—to pinpoint threats affecting your organization.

Here are some of the key features that facilities must stay aware of about Bitsight.


1) Enterprise Security:

Effectively oversee the risk across your entire organization’s digital presence and expanding digital footprint. This enterprise security feature consolidates data from various sources to provide a comprehensive view of potential vulnerabilities. It helps prioritize mitigation efforts and ensures proactive management of security risks to safeguard your operations and assets.

Problems it Solve:

  • It ensures all potential vulnerabilities are identified and addressed proactively.
  • Helps prioritize investments and efforts to mitigate identified risks.
  • Facilitates clear communication with stakeholders by providing insights into risks and mitigation strategies.

2) Digital Supply Chain:

Automates third-party risk management with workflows, automation, continuous monitoring, and vulnerability detection. Includes vendor onboarding, ongoing monitoring, and additional professional services.

Problems it Solve:

  • Automates workflows and continuous monitoring to streamline.
  • Detects vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring, improving security posture.
  • Facilitates vendor onboarding and ongoing monitoring, ensuring compliance with security standards.

3) Risk Governance and Reporting:

It helps benchmark against industry peers, quantify risk, and report on cyber risk program performance. Besides, it provides access to cyber risk ratings, cyber risk quantification, and cybersecurity reporting. rewrite and make it simple

Problems it Solve:

  • Compares your cybersecurity efforts with industry peers and quantifies potential risks.
  • Generates reports on cyber risk program performance, offering insights into strengths.
  • It also aids in informed decision-making and proactive risk management.


Hyperproof releases new enterprise ready functionality to support efficient compliance operations in complex environments

✅Hyperproof and its Features:

Hyperproof is a risk management software that helps facilities automate workflows. Identifying risks in advance helps a facility prepare for audits. It also reduces risk through streamlined compliance and risk management.

1) Centrally Manage Risks:

Due to this facilities won’t have to juggle different systems for risk tracking. The users of Hyperproof can centralize risk management in one place. It can help collect and track all your risks in the Hyperproof risk register. Thus, nothing will fall through the cracks.

Problems it Solve:

  • It consolidates risk tracking into one platform and eliminates the need for disparate systems.
  • Provides a centralized risk register to track and prioritize risks effectively.
  • Automates workflows and prepares organizations for audits.

2) Audit Management:

Users can simplify audit preparation with Hyperproof. It also helps keep all the work of your facility  in one place. Also, use automation to ensure your evidence is current for auditor requests.

Problems it Solve:

  • It ensures that everything is organized and accessible for auditors.
  • Utilizes automation to keep evidence up-to-date while reducing manual effort.
  • It provides quick access to necessary information and documentation.

3) Multi-factor Authentication:

This ensures the security of Hyper proof instances by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) using authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring users to verify their identity with a second factor beyond just a password.

Problems it Solve:

  • It reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Ensures that users authenticate their identity using a second factor (e.g., a mobile app), adding a layer of protection against phishing and credential theft.
  • It ensures data security and integrity within Hyperproof.


New SAI360 Software Capabilities for Flexibility & Sustainability


✅SAI360 and its Features:

This risk management software is a perfect tool for each facility that handles enterprise risks and strives to prepare a safer work environment. It gives a comprehensive view of the risk and helps make informed decisions. Here are some of its features that we have highlighted below. Take a look.

1) Integrated Modules:

With the help of these modules, facilities can manage, control, and address disruptions to protect your business proactively. This software spans across your entire organization and also offers a unified solution for comprehensive risk management tailored to your needs.

Problems it Solve:

  • Enables facilities to proactively manage and address disruptions, minimizing their impact on business operations and continuity.
  • Spans across the entire organization, providing a unified platform for consistent and comprehensive risk management.
  • It offers customizable solutions that align with specific business needs. 

2) Reporting and Analytics:

Its strong reporting and analytics help assess risks quickly and identify opportunities. It also enables informed decision-making. Stay ahead by leveraging insights to address vulnerabilities. Moreover, it capitalizes on growth opportunities effectively.

Problems it Solve:

  • Enables quick assessment of risks using robust reporting and analytics.
  • Helps identify growth opportunities by analyzing data. 
  • It ensures proactive management of risks and opportunities.

3) Top-Notch Technology:

It’s designed based on advanced technology with smooth workflows, strong integrations, detailed reporting, AI features, high-level security, and a cloud-based platform. Additional best practice modules and professional services enhance its effectiveness. It also ensures streamlined and secure risk management.

Problems it Solve:

  • It enables smooth workflows and integrations and reduces inefficiencies.
  • It provides top-tier security features to safeguard sensitive data.


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✅Essential and its Features:

This risk management software is a perfect tool for facilities looking to fix unnecessary issues or risks. It comes with multiple types of features that make it specific for ERM managers. Here we have highlighted some of its key features for your benefit, so take a look.

1) Risk Registers:

It helps with an easy setup process and helps fill out risk registers across an enterprise, operations, projects, departments, health & safety in minutes.  Users can also utilize the AI-powered tools and pre-existing content to create, evaluate, prioritize, and address risks efficiently.

Problems it Solve:

  • Streamlines the process of configuring and populating risk registers.
  • Utilizes AI and library content to improve risk assessment accuracy.
  • It enables faster identification and mitigation of risks,

2) Bow Tie Risk Assessment:

         This is mainly a visual model. It’s helpful for facilities as it lets business users and executives analyze and communicate multiple scenarios easily in one intuitive diagram.

Problems it Solve:

  • Allows users to easily visualize and compare multiple scenarios.
  • Facilitates clear communication between business users and executives.
  • Helps stakeholders quickly grasp different scenarios.

3) Risk Voting:

This feature helps engage a leadership team. It also helps improve risk ratings and encourage meaningful risk and control discussions with automated risk voting.

Problems it Solve: 

  • Actively involves the leadership team in risk assessment processes.
  • Prevents groupthink by promoting diverse perspectives and independent voting on risks.
  • Generates more accurate risk ratings through an automated voting system.

✅LogicGate and its Features:

This risk management software is suitable as allows quickly identifying and addressing major risks with a connected view of risks and controls. This Solution offers automation, integrations, dashboards, and analytics to help you assess, communicate, and strategically reduce risks.

Here are some of its key features, take a quick look.

1) Automating Workflow:

Using this a facility can remove manual tasks and keep risk owners organized with automated workflows, reminders, and notifications. Moreover, it allows starting quickly with pre-set risk scoring and guidance to assess risks. After that one can create and assign mitigations instantly. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Automates assessment workflows, reminders, and notifications, saving time and reducing human error.
  • Provides pre-configured risk scoring and guidance which allows quick assessment. 

2) Reports and Dashboard:

Making strategic decisions and engaging stakeholders with pre-built reports and dashboards in Risk Cloud is simple. This feature automatically summarizes key risks, controls, mitigations, and improvement opportunities in an easy-to-read format using Risk Cloud’s OpenAI integration. The Enterprise Risk Management Solution includes various data visualizations like tables, line charts, bar charts, donut charts, scatter plots, and heatmaps to help you track and share risk status, scores, mitigation stages, and more.

Problems it Solve:

  • It makes it easier to guide strategic decisions with clear and organized information.
  • It keeps stakeholders informed and engaged.
  • It offers a variety of charts and visual tools to track and share risk status and scores.

3) Risk Statement Catalog:

Using this facilities can quickly create a centralized risk repository with pre-defined risk records. These records are categorized by industry, risk group, and type, and allow users to efficiently organize and access relevant risk information. This structured approach helps facilities streamline risk management processes, and ensure that all potential risks are identified.  

Problems it Solve:

  • It makes it easier to organize and manage large volumes of risk information.
  • Provides a centralized repository for quick access to relevant risk data.
  • Simplifies the retrieval of risk information.

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✅MitraTech and its Features:

This is a comprehensive platform for governance, risk, compliance, and ESG that uses AI to provide data-driven insights to organizations. This risk management software helps teams identify risks in real time, enhance transparency, and streamline compliance efforts. It manages and reduces risk exposure.  

Here are some of its key features that facilities must know. So, take a look.

1) Real-Time Risk Assessments and Mitigation:

Real-Time Risk Assessments and Mitigation in this software allow organizations to continuously monitor and evaluate risks as they evolve. This feature leverages real-time data and automated analysis to identify potential risks promptly. Once risks are identified, the software facilitates immediate mitigation actions. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Enables organizations to detect risks promptly as they emerge.
  • Facilitates immediate action through automated workflows
  • Provides up-to-date insights and data-driven analysis.

2) Data Breaches and Unauthorized Access:

The Data Breaches and Unauthorized Access feature in this software is designed to monitor and mitigate potential breaches and unauthorized access incidents. It works by continuously analyzing data access patterns, user behaviors, and system logs in real time. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Enables early detection of potential data breaches and unauthorized access attempts.
  • Facilitates immediate response to suspicious activities with automated alerts and notifications.
  • Helps organizations proactively protect sensitive data and maintain compliance.

3) Mapping Controls to Policies:

Mapping Controls to policies in this software involves aligning specific controls with corresponding policies to ensure organizational compliance and risk mitigation. This feature enables users to establish clear relationships between regulatory requirements, internal policies, and operational controls. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Helps avoid penalties.
  • Building a clear relationship between regulatory requirements and operation controls is possible.


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✅Camms and its Features:

This is another reliable name in the world of risk management software. It comes with features that help an agency streamline every minute task with proper efficiency. Here are some of its features that facilities must be aware of.

1) Risk Governance:

A complete risk treatment plan can be created using this particular feature. Moreover, managing risk on an ongoing basis is also possible. It also allows comparison of risk levels against the current risk rating. 

Problems it Solve:

  • It solves the problem of incomplete risk strategies by enabling the creation of a complete risk treatment plan.
  • It addresses the challenge of maintaining consistent risk oversight by allowing for ongoing risk management.

2) Dashboards:

It allows facilities to check the details of all the available and avoid confusion by gaining more clarity. At one glance the facility can easily gain an idea into their operational risk management activities. 

Problems it Solve:

  • Shows all the upcoming tasks and the key metrics.
  • Identification of potential risks is also possible.

3) KRIs:

The Key Risk Indicators(KRIs) help validate and rating of risks. It also helps monitor risk on an ongoing basis. Also improves the security risk oversight.

Problems it Solve:

  • KRIs solve the problem of inconsistent or unclear risk assessment.
  • They address the challenge of ongoing risk management by offering tools to monitor risks continuously.
  • KRIs improve security risk oversight, ensuring that potential risks are identified and managed effectively.


The task of risk management should not be a challenge. Therefore, organizations must rely on a top-notch and advanced risk management software. So, consider the names we have shared here before making the final selection. Making a safer and risk-free work environment won’t be difficult.